Hi, my name is Tim Sheehan.

I am a marketing professional who lives in Utica, New York, working as a Web Developer, Videographer, Post-Producer, Animator, Designer, and CRMer.

I am an interactive marketer, WordPress developer, videographer and animator who utilizes the web and motion to generate content and build online presences for companies and organizations. Currently living in Utica, NY, with my wife, two children, and dog. A graduate of the University at Bufflo with a degree from Media Study and video production concentration, I have been working in various marketing roles for the last 15 years. My specialties include, web development, content creation, video and animation production, and comprehensive digital marketing.

Web Development

I have been working as a WordPress and front end developer for 20 years. Here are some of the web development projects I have led and collaborated on.

Videography & Post Production

Since graduating with a Video Production degree from the University at Buffalo, I have produced, shot, and edited many commercials and video content for a variety of clients.


Design is a cornerstone of website design, social media content, animation and video production. Here are some of the design projects that I have worked on.